Accounting Manager (Gov Contracting)


We are currently looking for anexperienced, onsite/long term/permanent/full time Accounting Managerto work out of corporate headquarters inArlington, VA. This role is a direct hire position with one of our top government contracting clients who recently celebrated their22nd year of business!They are a heavy hitter in the engineering and integration arena with a heavy focus on state and federal government clients. They currently employ over 800 employees.
Supervise/manage monthly billings based on direct labor, direct travel, other direct costs and indirect provisional rates
Ensure the accuracy of monthly billings by comparing results in Costpoint to the chosen mechanism to double check billed costs.
Research and resolve any disparities with Costpoint billing before posting invoices.
Upon completion of the billing process, print and post billings to the sub-ledger and general ledger.
Project Close Outs
o Manage/Prepare close out billings by coordinating with the PM and Contracts
Unbilled Analysis
o Monthly preparation of unbilled analysis defining significant unbilled bucket such as current month billed, at-risk, rate differential, timing difference, retainage and others.
A/R Collections
Review the Aged A/R Report for purposes of identifying any old outstanding receivables. Particular attention should be given to any billings that are outstanding 90 days or more with the intent to reduce outstanding receivables and, therefore, improving cash flow and Days Sales Outstanding (DSOs).
Manage the collections process using the Contracts department, Project Directors (PDs) or Project Leads (PLs) as necessary. In some cases this could be an Accounting solution such as revising and reissuing a bill based on customer feedback. In other cases, it could be a Contracts solution, such as coordinating the processing of a modification with the customer, which would result in additional funding to cover an outstanding receivable. Still, in other cases, this could be an Operations solution, such as working with the Technical Lead on the Customer side to expedite payment on an outstanding receivable.
Project Set-up & Deltek CP
Attend the project Kick-off meeting, make any project set-up recommendations and charge code structures and billing timing and other information necessary for a smooth billing process
Resource for setting up projects from second to the 6th level such as labor workforce, PCL, vendor workforce and etc.
Request from Deltek CP to upload the EA and ER weekly/monthly (save the EA & ER documents & attachments to a shared dive on premise.
Upon completion of all direct transactions, print the Revenue Summary Report for the purpose of reviewing and analyzing billing/revenue on a contract/task basis
Identify, research and resolve any discrepancies found using the Project Summary Report (PSR) printed using Costpoint. Examples of discrepancies in need of resolution include, but is not limited to: prior period revenue adjustments should be zeroed out for all T&M projects before calculating current period revenue, ensure that the revenue adjustment line is zero when calculating current period revenue for T&M projects using the Time and Materials Sales Worksheet Report run out of Costpoint (a negative adjustment is correct when labor categories have exceeded the customer ceiling and the Company has not hope of recovering these costs), review the fee calculation for fixed price, cost plus fixed fee and cost plus award fee contracts (verifying whether fee should be calculated on ODCs and travel costs and using the Budgets module in Costpoint to calculate revenue appropriately).
General Ledger
Reconcile the Aged A/R Report found in the sub-ledger to the Trial Balance Report found in the general ledger.
Annual Review and Other Audits
Coordinate with the Controller to prepare the Companys Incurred Cost Submission as required under federal government guidelines.
Coordinate with the Controller to prepare schedules and analysis as requested by Aronson and Company, the Companys external accounting firm, for the Companys annual review.
Coordinate with the Controller to prepare schedules and analysis as requested by the external accounting firm appointed by the Bank, the Companys banking partner, for the Companys annual collateral audit.
Coordinate with the Controller to prepare schedules and analysis as requested by the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) for audit of labor, contracts, rates, etc.
Coordinate with the Controller to prepare schedules and analysis for other audits such as unbilled, billing and collections, etc. and be prepared to respond to any inquiries raised during the course of those audits.
Back-Up Roles
Accounts payable back-up. This includes, but not limited to: preparing vouchers forms for vendor invoices, reviewing voucher edits and post accounts payable vouchers to the sub-ledger, reviewing the Open Accounts Payable Report and making selections for payment, and print and distribute and/or mail employee and vendor checks.
General ledger back-up. This includes, but not limited to: preparing, entering and posting adjusting journal entries as a part of the business cycle as well as, preparing, entering and posting recurring journal entries as a part of the business cycle.
Must have experience with Deltek CostPoint, IRapt/WAWF and preferably Deltek T&E
Solid understanding of GAAP revenue recognition and FAR Cost Principles for cost allowability
Intermediate to advanced skills in MS Excel
10+ years of government contract billing and collections
Must be a US citizen
Bachelor’s degree in accounting preferred