Client Service Specialist

Blank Label

Who is Blank Label?

Blank Label is an award-winning custom menswear brand with the mission of making custom the new standard for every male shopper – taking guys from ill-fitting work and casual wear to being a guy people would stop on the street just to compliment them on an outfit.

We were founded in 2010 as an online custom shirt maker, and since then weve made more than 60,000 custom shirts online.

In 2013 we opened our first pattern room in Boston, and started to expand our product line from shirts to suiting and suiting separates, chinos, and top coats. By the next year, we won the award for Best Suit in Boston 2014. Today we now have scarves, shorts, trench coats, tuxedos and the list keeps growing.

In a world where brands tell us we need to be everything other than ourselves, we exist to help people feel good about themselves, because that enables them to be something greater. We believe that through the quality, fit, and ease of our experience, as well as the service we provide in our Pattern Rooms, we can transform every mans closet, shopping experience, and level of self confidence.

We pride ourselves on making every experience from the first appointment in our Pattern-Room to reordering garments online as simple and convenient as possible through consistent and replicable fit that is saved for every client. With a staff of talented Menswear Specialists to curate fabrics and styles, a client can trust that all the work (and stress) of off-the-rack shopping will be eliminated.

Were not trying to give clients reasons to love shopping were giving them reasons to love Blank Label. And, more importantly, to love how they look in their clothes.

Being a Menswear Specialist

Role: The Menswear Specialists on our team are on the frontlines, representing our brand and providing the service we want all of our clients to receive during every shopping experience with us. They blend an expertise in fit, styling, and clientelling to create a relationship where every gentlemen shopping with Blank Label feels more comfortable and confident every time they walk into and out of our pattern rooms. We serve many types of clients, ranging from office up-and-comers to high-powered professionals who all deserve the attentive and high-touch shopping experience custom can give them. Our Menswear Specialists are the best at what they do and will transform the way men think about the fit of their clothing and they way they buy it. We put a lot of resources into making sure a Menswear Specialist will succeed and we will do whatever it takes to get you to a place of feeling confident and flourishing on our team, but we expect you to work with character, drive, and professionalism so we can all get there together.

We are looking for an individual who:

  • Values amazing customer service and is willing to exceed expectations for their clients
  • Can create and reach goals, keeping themselves accountable to their day-to-day and career goals
  • Thrives in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment and can adapt quickly to said environment
  • Loves working on a team and can be a dependable teammate for every member of the company
  • Has an interest in fashion and style and stays up-to-date with the industry to better themselves and the team by expanding his/her own knowledge as well as the companys
  • Feels comfortable receiving feedback and immediately actioning on that feedback, as well as giving it to peers to help others grow
  • Can dot every i and cross every t, making sure to not let anything or anyone slip through the cracks
  • A willingness to work hard in a start-up environment

Responsibilities: A Menswear Specialist will have a full day of client bookings for first time and returning clients who they will fit, style, and assist in any way needed. They will maintain a high level of service for each client inside and outside of the pattern room, through personal service in-person and via email. Each Menswear Specialist will maintain a book of clients, reaching out to update on orders, new styles etc. to create a lasting relationship.

  • Maintain a schedule of hours with 4+ bookings with clients per day
  • Maintain a CRM with up-to-date client information including style preferences, fit preferences, sizing, order history, and communication
  • Proactively reach out to client book with new styles, fabrics, or products they would be/are interested in to hit sales goals
  • Take client through experience of first fit for any garment category to best fit and make sure all orders from then on are accurate
  • Communicate with tailors and operations team to make sure every step of clients process is completed correctly and within the designated timeline
  • Maintain clean and presentable pattern room space to make sure we are bringing clients into a space we are proud to work in

Application Requirements

  • Minimum of high school degree required, college degree a plus
  • Retail, office, and/or internship experience required
  • Leadership, analytical, and interpersonal skills
  • Engaging and welcoming personality
  • Excellent written and communicative skills (both phone and email)
  • Humble attitude, eye for detail, and ability to drive results and hit goals
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Proficiency in Microsoft software (word, powerpoint, excel) and ease at learning other systems

To Apply:

Please include the following:

1. Compensation expectations (or at last position)

2. Link to your LinkedIn profile

3. What brands do you most admire, why?

4. Your proudest achievement