Architectural BIM Manager

Placement By Design

  • Full Time

We are seeking a registered architect, or on path to licensure, with 7-10 years BIM experience within the architectural discipline for a BIM Management role to:

1. facilitate BIM standards development for the Architecture team based on feedback from Architecture, Construction, and Quality Assurance teams,

2. BIM content creation and design implementation as standard work product and/or, pre-designed/pre-documented content supporting a kit-of-parts or prototyping logic for both design and documentation;

3. management and administration of Revit templates, kit of parts, and design/documentation prototypes.


  • Standards:
    • Responsible for BIM standards development and implementation
    • Collaborate with the architecture project teams to identify opportunities for the development of custom applications and automated processes to execute with a high degree of quality in a simpler, repeatable, and quicker process
    • Creation and maintenance of the software template files to assure standards
    • Automate routines in BIM to support standards and increased documentation productivity using Dynamo and/or other programming languages
    • Develop BIM documentation and workflow process standards both internally as well as collaborating with third-party participating consultants
    • Train and facilitate the day-to-day activities of the Architecture Revit users to ensure BIM standards are implemented in creation of Revit Architectural models
    • Working with the Architecture, Construction, and Quality Assurance team, to facilitate the development of detail libraries for typical details and specific details that can be applied to a variety of conditions. Create the BIM detail library implementation and application process to ensure adoption by the project design teams
    • Create and manage model component libraries. Review model components and families developed by project architects prior to implementation into projects. Maintain consistency of content creation andorganization of library
    • Create, maintain, and provide technical support documentation, end-user guidelines and educational materials and training for custom applications and plugins
    • Provide documentation and training material for custom applications and plugins to be incorporated into firmwide BIM Standards and training platforms
  • Management:
    • Create a BIM template road map or work plan of BIM Standard Template continuous content creation that supports both the development/implementation of BIM Standards as well as corporate reporting/futureproofing for adoption of BIM in Construction or Asset Management applications.
    • Report on the companys current and projected state with regards to BIM development
    • Create written technology evaluations and budgets for future technology adoption
    • Create deployment strategies for BIM implementation effort
      • Assess: Evaluate the firms current workflow, strategies, projects, staffing, etc.
      • Plan: Create a plan for implementation
      • Solve: Create templates, tools, content, supporting the implementation
      • Confirm: Be able to demonstrate the success of the assessment
  • Project Support
    • Support project standards coordination with project teams
    • Support the project teams with initial Revit file setup for each new project to assure compliance with standards
    • Support the project teams with BIM 360 utilization with subcontractors to receive, coordinate and update all electronic models.
    • Assist on project work modeling and detailing as might be requested from time to time.
    • Create Revit families in response to project need and complexity
    • Assist project team with cleaning the model
    • Create and manage parameters for each project template / master file
    • Help resolve BIM design issues
    • Manage project archiving
    • Coordinate needed hardware upgrades with IT

Candidate Qualifications

  • Licensed Architect or on path
  • BIM management experience within the architectural community
  • Able to identify how BIM will affect project design and documentation workflows
  • Able to identify project value and support project or standards with appropriate BIM applications to enhance value
  • Can identify goals and create work plans of immediate, short term, and long-range BIM implementation/adoption goals
  • Can create, manage, and coordinate BIM standards development and implementation on all Architecture projects
  • Able to prioritize content development and applications to reap greatest value for implementation and project goals
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively manage workloads to meet deadlines