Admissions Counselor

Management & Training Corporation

  • Full Time

It’s a position that can be based in TOPEKA, KS. Being an Admissions Counselor is the basis for finding, recruiting, and bringing students to our Flint Hills Center.

You might be wondering ‘What exactly is Job Corps? What do they do? What exactly are the traits of a good Admissions Counselor?’

Job Corps is a federally-funded program that provides a secondary educational opportunity for eligible students designed to prepare them for success and tools for the future!

This position is based out of Kansas City, with our ‘home’ office being in Manhattan, KS.

The basics that you need to know about this job is that it is an hourly position, full benefits are included, PTO, sick, FMLA leave are all sweet perks too! Not to mention the 401(k) company matching program, and the nicely starting pay of $21.98 which does not include the bonuses that are available for the department!

Before you apply, take a look at the essential functions of the job — read up, and learn more about what exactly it means to be an Admissions Counselor!

-Conducting direct recruitment activities, including public speaking, developing relationships with human service agencies, recreation centers, youth organizations, and churches.

-Interview interested candidates and obtain required information on each one; make sure to keep all documentation up to date and properly completed in the applicant’s folder.

-Follow up on student progress, which can include the length of stay or separation.

-Meet or exceed student admission goals each month, hitting the required targets for your region.

-Refer youth to designated screening or other support agencies, as appropriate.

-Prepare necessary and required reports related to the recruitment effort.

-Assist with placement activities.

Promote the development of career success standards by modeling appropriate behaviors, mentoring students when necessary and monitoring both positive and negative behaviors through interventions.

Now, before you apply — check yourself and see if you have the following qualifications of equal or greater value.

-Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing/data entry experience

-Bachelor’s in Human Services, Psychology, counseling, education, social science, business, communications, or closely related field

-Associate’s with 2 years related experience

-Beyond amazing written and verbal communication skills and computer proficiency required

-Valid driver’s license with a near perfect driving record

Come join us! Seriously, we’d love to have you!