Assembly Inspector



  • Inspection of parts, assembly and disassembly of engines, and components for conformance. Inspection of required operations of parts, sub-assemblies, and assemblies in process. Spot check on operator’s gages. Initiate actions to identify and reconcile suspect or non-conforming material.
  • Utilize blueprints, processes, Bill of Material, shop math, measuring instruments and documentation to perform assigned tasks.


  • Perform other duties inherently required of the job classification.
  • Perform assigned work in a safety conscious manner.
  • Perform assigned work to specified quality and production standards.
  • Maintain equipment and tools used by the individual in a clean condition.
  • Perform assigned cleaning required to maintain individual’s immediate work area in a clean condition.
  • Prepare and/or maintain all documentation necessary to the duties of the job classification.


  • High School diploma or GED
  • Current eye exam
  • Pass relevant Inspection test
  • Ability to read and utilize Blueprints
  • Demonstrate the ability to utilize measuring equipment.